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Thunder Kit



Please allow 15-20 days to ship your rails. 

Limited Edition Color of the Month:
Savage Orange (Inspired by Adam Savage's build) is our color of the month. 
Please allow 30-40 days for your order to ship.


What's the Thunder Rails?

One (Ok, two) Rails to rule them all.

The Thunder rails are the last word in rails for DIY Funwheel enthusiasts.

CNCed from pure 7075 Aircraft grade Aluminum, these rails have outstanding strength: the best in the market!

W-shaped to improve posture and comfort while riding and doing tricks. 

Limited Edition super-hot colors for a unique and personal experience.



The Thunder kit is designed to include all Funwheel builders. Even those with XRs. 

Here are some combinations you can use to build your unique Funwheel:


If you already have an XR:

Option 1. Simply pop in these rails to replace your original boring rails and give your XR a new look and feel!
Option 2. Vesc-it! Open up the original XR box and replace it with a VESC. Use the same stock battery or a modified battery and bolt on Thunder rails for a VESCXR!
Option 3. The SuperFluXR: You can empty the original XR boxes, put a VESC in the front and a bigger battery in the back + the SuperFlux motor + Thunder rails to put your XR into Ludacris super speed mode!
Building a Funwheel from Scratch:
This is the final-super-boss level of a DIY Funwheel. 
Thunder Rails + SuperFlux + 3d Printed Boxes (can fit upto 20S battery!) + 3d printed bumpers or XR bumpers + 3d printed footpads or XR footpads + Stompies = GT Killer!


 3D files, List of parts needed, and support will be provided with the Thunder rails purchase.


What's included

  1. A beautiful pair of CNC-ed and anodized Thunder rails that you would wanna frame on your wall.
  2. Stainless steel plates above the Vesc box and Battery box for extra rigidity and a firm feel (plates might not be provided in future batches).
  3. 3D-printable stl files for the Boxes, Bumpers, Footpads, Skids, Wire retainers and More.




Colors are limited and might not be restocked.

Price doesn't include taxes (depends on country).

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris Shredit
Get Thundering!

These kits are DOPE! The rails and everything that comes with them are incredibly good quality and such an amazing bargain! Thank you Mohammad and Remie

Tiziano Matera
Amazing product

Guess, best rail for onewheel (funwheel). You have here. You don’t need anymore.
I really love this product.
Amo questo prodotto nella maniera più assoluta!!!

I got railed!! :sunglasses: (artic white rails)

Love these gorgeous white rails. They feel great on my feet and lock me in much better than flat stock rails! Shipping is a long time and there were some delays, but the quality of these rails make up for that! I have them set to middle ride height cuz i trail ride, may try raised at some point. Lowered is nice, but i lose too much clearance for my taste. Overall, these are amazing and insane quality, good job Mo and Rknaapen! Yall did amazing! :D

Roadboarding Gerard
Light and precious Artic White

At the moment I can't speak faith how it feels to ride them. For now I do not have them installed, but I can say that they look very beautiful, very quality, and very light. The set includes the lids but not the screws, keep this in mind. I am very happy with the purchase. I might buy another set for my old XR. Thanks guys!

lucas pauly

Good job