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PCBBattery is in stock and ships 5-7 days after order.

It is compatible with the Funwheel ST, but better performance is achieved with a bigger battery pack (15-20S).



1. Easy to build:

Now, you can enjoy your Funwheel without Spot welding battery packs or buying expensive battery packs. Just buy the PCBBattery, pop in 24 Li ion cells, and you're good to ride! 

2. Easy to repair:

What's more is that the battery pack is extremely easy to troubleshoot and repair (just replace individual bad cells), and will last you a lifetime! Once your pack has lived it's recommended cycles, just replace with 24 new cells and you have a brand new battery pack for the cost of only 24 Li ion cells.

3: Take your Funwheel on a vacation with you!

With other electric vehicles, taking batteries on a plane is a no-no. Not with the Funwheel, simply remove cells and put them in a fire-safe bag, and take your funwheel and batteries as carry ons! It takes less than a minute to assemble and disassemble the battery pack. So, Bon Voyage!

4. Save your $$

A Battery pack with a BMS, for the price of a BMS! This has ben one of my top goals. To provide you with beginner-friendly and budget-friendly quality products so everyone can enjoy a Funwheel. A good BMS in the market is between $80-$150, we, give you the full package for the same amount! You will get all the connectors you need (minus the cells and a 12S charger), and they are almost plug-and-play.

Thank you for supporting us so we can continue to make awesome products for the community. 


Important information:

- Max. Charge 2 Amps. Max Discharge 50-60Amps instantaneous. Please do not use a charger greater than 2 Amps. If you do have a charger > 2A please unsolder the charge wires first and replace with at least 18 - 20 AWG wires.

- Buy and Build at your own risk. Lithium batteries are dangerous, and can cause a fire if not handled properly. Please follow instructions provided with the purchase to install and troubleshoot. THIS IS NOT A TOY!

- Cells are shown for illustration only; cells not included with the product.

- Taxes need to be paid by the buyer depending on where they live.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product

Just got my PCB battery board. This thing is a quality piece of engineering. Quality components and construction. I'm impressed!

This looks like a fun product but I wonder...

I wonder how well it can withstand gnarly sending? I mean, is there a way to stabilize and make it bullet proof? i am worried about curb nudges in reverse, or curb hitting the battery module on drops... what do u think?