This is what you will receive in your order. A FOCer with everything soldered on. The FOCer will also be tested. An XT60 connector to connect to your battery, and a pair of MT60 connectors one for the FOCer and one for your motor wires (3 phase wire from the motors). See next images for details.
This is how the FOCer looks like with the 3 phase wires soldered. Note: Wires are not provided.
This is what you will receive.
Just some photo I thought was really sick.
The complete assembled FOCer. Please note that the wires are not included, and the heatsink will have to be put on. A list of these parts is in the product description
Another pretty picture.
Some FOCers ready to ship to Funwheel builders
MOSFETs soldered on the back of the FOCer.
FOCer with phase wires soldered. Note: wires are bought separately. Link to buy them is in the description.

VESC-based Controller

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The FOCer is built for 12S batteries (50V max voltage).

It has a built in IMU, which means no need for external gyro/IMU, it is a one-board system that plugs to the battery on one end and motor on the other end to complete the electronics of the Funwheel.

Wires shown in some pictures below are not included.

Here is what will be shipped to you:

The FOCer with MOSFETs, BMI, JST connectors, USB connector all soldered up (refer to pics).

You have to connect the power wires with an XT60/ XT90 connector and motor phase wires (3) with an MT60 connector or bullet connectors, They can also be soldered directly to the FOCer. 

This is the electrical part finished. Here is a video explaining the FOCer electrical assembly.

Next, you will also have to get a heatsink and some screws, and attach it to the FOCer. A 3D printed case is optional. Here are the assembly instructions for the heat sink and 3D printed case 

All the parts you need to do the above after you receive your FOCer is listed here under section 

The Cheap FOCer 2 is based on the VESC by Benjamin Vedder, and is an open source project created by ShamanSystems. 

The complete guide for assembly can be found here on Shaman's Github



- Please allow 15-30 days if items are not in stock.

-You will have to pay taxes as applicable for your country.

-A small percentage of any sale will be given to ShamanSystems on a goodwill basis.