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About the Funwheel Hub Motor:

After much testing, and working with suppliers and manufacturers, we finally introduced the Funwheel Hub motor. The first motor ever for a DIY Funwheel.

Today, over 200 Hub motors have been shipped all over the world and have been tested by DIYers like yourself under various conditions. The Funwheel Hub motor is a proven and time-tested design that works like a beast and just keeps going...


What's so special about the Funwheel Hub Motor:

We customized the Funwheel motor over numerous iterations to get the best torque and speed possible while keeping the cost low. The Hub motor can run on any battery voltage from 12S (50V) to 18S (75V) and still perform reliably with high efficiency. 

We have also customized the temperature sensors, the connectors and the shaft size to make this motor the best motor for your Funwheel. 

Torque and Speed:

Torque and speed are dependent on your battery. With a 12S setup, the motor can easily achieve upwards of 25km/h (15mph) while delivering excellent torque and startup speeds. With a 15S+ battery, the motor can deliver upwards of 30kmh (19mph) without breaking a sweat. 

These numbers have been tested by myself (your very own Fungineers) and several other DIYers. 



Size: 10"
Dimensions: 10x6x5.5
Motor: Brushless DC motor 
Hall sensors: yes
Temperature sensor: yes
Features: Comes complete with tire and required connectors (3 motor connectors and 5 hall sensor wires and one temperature wire)



-This is only the Hub motor (rails, and other accessories seen in pictures are not included).
-You will have to pay applicable taxes depending on your country.
-If the items are not in stock at the time of ordering, please allow 10-15 days for restocking the batch. If they are, they will ship in 2-3 days.