SuperFlux 6 inch Hub Motor

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Pre-orders are now closed. 

50 pre-orders are expected to ship on 30th June 2022. 

Second round of 50 preorders will ship on 15th July 2022. 

Purchasing will start after July when stock is refilled.


Right to Re-Tyre!

For far too long the community has suffered because of the lack of a solid, affordable yet powerful  6" Hub motor. Well, you asked for it, you got it!


The brand new SuperFlux 6" Hub Motor

The SuperFlux is our brand new hub motor that is the size of the XR hub motor, you know, from that FM company that loves to try to sue us. The SuperFlux design philosophy is simple. We talked to you and asked what you wanted, and we made it happen.


Cutting no corners

The Original Funwheel Hub was designed to be the most cost effective yet torque-y motor on the planet, and with over 200 hubs rolling around the planet, we are still proud of it. The SuperFlux philosophy was different. This time we packed as much power as possible in a 6 inch Hub to match or exceed the specs of the FM XR motor, while still being more affordable than a beat-up used FM XR hub motor.






60-85V (12S to 20S Battery pack).


No-load speed ~ 1200rpm!

Top speed ~ 25+ mph or 40+ kmh!


> 40Nm.


The SF wheel is made to give you the greatest torque and top speed that is possible from a 6 inch wheel.

Tests coming soon on the YouTube channel. 

Heat dissipation:

We redesigned the shaft and made it out of super-strong yet super conductive hollow aluminium for maximum strength and heat dissipation. The shaft is almost 3 times the size of the funhub and sucks the heat out of the core to the sides and rails. 

We didn't stop there, we doubled down on the heat problem and our motors come filled with Statorade from the factory. We didn't use any Statorade but the most effective and original Statorade from Grin Technologies in Canada. 

Safe to say you won't have to worry about overheating motors anymore.


Original SKF Bearings that can be changed out to any XR compatible after-market Bearings (but you won't need to for a couple thousand miles).

Right to Re-tyre:

Fits any XR compatible 11" - 11.5" tyre: Vega, Burris, Hoosier, etc. 



Remie and I have designed the SuperFlux motor to be compatible with the original Funwheel Kit, the new Thunderbolt kit (coming soon), and the FM XR rails and frame to convert your old XR to a SuperFluXR!

The adapter needed for the XR will have to be purchased separately but will be priced very decently.



The Hub motors design is complete, and are in production. We will be producing 50 Hub motors by the end of May and testing and refining them and will be shipping them out to the first 50 people around end-June (preorders closed). We hope to give the community the punch they have been waiting for, and are looking forward to record-breaking experiences on your DIY builds!



Tire not included. 

Taxes not included and depends on Buyer's country of original if applicable. 

 All preorder payments are protected by PayPal and our store policy. Safe to say the community has trusted us for over 3 years with ZERO missed orders or disputes (ask the folks on Discord if you don't trust us).